The secret of catalyst car recycling

Automobiles emit harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. The amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases permitted by law can be reduced by installing catalytic converters on the gas exhaust system. Automotive catalysts convert more than 90% of harmful substances into less harmful carbon dioxide and water vapor. The constituent parts of autocatalysts are metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. To date, cheaper materials with similar characteristics for the conversion of harmful substances in the production of autocatalysts are not used.

Utilization of automotive catalysts

This beautiful smog, which we see above megacities, is a consequence of emissions of internal combustion engines into the atmosphere. The composition of these emissions is so poisonous that the time has come when humanity has thought about the problem of cleaning exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere. Thus, a catalytic converter appeared which became abbreviated as a catalyst. Bring the options for catalyst car recycling now thanks to the Kinsbursky Brothers Inc.

How does the catalyst work

At the core of his work is the simple effect of oxidizing an element of exhaust gases, the emission of which is sought to be reduced. But there is one difficulty. To help oxidize the constituents of the exhaust gases, that is, as a catalyst for a chemical reaction, very expensive metals are used:

  • gold
  • platinum
  • palladium

Another feature of the functioning of the catalyst is the need to warm it up to increase exhaust gas cleaning performance. Due to heating, catalytic converters fail faster.

Like any other consumables in the car, whether it is oil, various filters, fuses, catalysts also need to be replaced. From the point of view of technology and the cost of special problems such a replacement does not cause. The technology of catalyst replacement is simple, and its cost is relatively low. But, given the number of catalysts breaking down annually, and these are tens of millions of pieces, the question becomes: where to get the car catalyst, like any other garbage, in this case poisonous. Is there a buying up of catalysts, what is the price, what generally is the reception of spent catalysts.

Disposal of the old catalyst

Searches in the network of points for the reception of catalysts, the price of buying up catalysts, suggest the idea of ​​what the catalyst awaits after reception. After receiving the catalyst, his journey is just beginning. Further processing of the catalyst will follow.

After buying up catalysts, for example, they are sent to a special workshop outside the city, where in electric furnaces capable of melting precious metals contained in the catalyst and isolating up to two grams of pure material from each unit. Considering that the purchase of boo catalysts is made by thousands of pieces, then the smelting of precious metals from them is not as miserable as it may seem.

Renting a car in Jakarta is as easy as it can get

This is a century-long car rental company that offers to rent a car in all major cities in 105 countries around the world, talks about the nuances of car rental.

  1. How to book a car

There are sites directly distributors, as well as consolidators (brokers), from which you can choose any car among the many distributors. Booking through consolidators is definitely convenient, as you can immediately see the offers of several companies. However, in this case, you have a certain risk to choose an unreliable broker, reacting to a lower price, which may not exist in reality.  For the sewamobil Jakarta the following steps are also useful now.

On the site directly, the distributor always presents complete and reliable information and you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you have booked. In addition, most distributors, including Sixt, have call centers in Russia, where you can get full-fledged information support both at the stage of choosing a car and renting conditions, and in the event of any difficult situations.

  1. What you need to rent a car

There are general requirements for renting a car: national and international rights (note that these are two different documents), a credit card, and in some cases two cards. The credit card is usually blocked pledge for the car, its amount depends on the country, car class and a number of other factors.

There are age restrictions, on average, the driver must be at least 21 years old and have at least a year experience. If you meet these requirements, there will be no obstacles.

When you contact the check-in counter, in the arrival hall or elsewhere, you must provide a reservation number. After that, you are offered to sign a lease agreement with the distributor.

  1. Getting a car

Pay special attention to the conditions of the proposed contract – on the included insurance options, on sums and other services. If you see any inconsistency with the cost of booking made by you earlier, then you need to ask a reasonable question why such a discrepancy has arisen and the employee of the rental point will explain to you and change the contract if necessary. It is not possible to dispute the signed contract with the services included in it, and, in the event of an insured event, the contract and the conditions specified therein are not negotiable.

The second point is the inspection of the car. Go around it together with the rental employee, mark all damages in the contract (even if you have full insurance), fuel level, mileage. When returning the car, do the same.

  1. Operation

First of all, on insurance claims

Even if you have purchased full insurance coverage, remember that even in the event of a minor accident, you should call the police. Often, insurance companies refuse to pay if there is no police report. In case of violation of traffic rules, in addition to the fine itself, the distributor may withhold an administrative fee.